These healthiest, Cheap and Genuine N95 masks start at as low as Rs. 100
The air pollution mask should be tested and certified
Nowadays the outdoor air is at extremely unhealthy levels



Best anti-pollution masks to buy in India (Click On Price To Buy)

Mask Name                                           Price

1. 3M 8210                                Rs100 (Click To Buy)

2. 3M Aura                                 Rs245 (Click To Buy)

3. Dettol Siti Shield Protect+        Rs249 (Click To Buy)

4. Respro Techno                         Rs2999 (Click To Buy)

5. GrinHealth Anti-Pollution Mask  Rs4990 (For 10) (Buy)

It’s November, and as usual, the air quality in New Delhi and other northern states has dropped to horrible levels, In Delhi, eyes are likely burning, head hurts, and coughing regularly. One thing that’s essential nowadays to do at this point is to buy an air purifier and wear a pollution mast when we are outdoor.

Pollution Masks: 5 Best Anti-Pollution Masks You Can Buy in India Right Now

But of course, you can’t stay in your home or office throughout the day. At some point, you’re going to make your way through the grey-brown haze that is the city, although we’d sincerely suggest you try and explore work-from-home options first if you can. If there’s no alternative, then you need to wear an air pollution mask. There are many different options, and last year we’d tried some of the famous pollution masks on the market.

Pollution Masks: 5 Best Anti-Pollution Masks You Can Buy in India Right Now

Hopefully, one of these five masks will fit your needs, and you will be able to gain some respite from the harmful New Delhi smog. If you’re not using an air pollution mask, then buy one And if you’ve already bought one, tell the other readers and us about your experience via the comments below. Good wishes from team Techroids.


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