Let’s talk about the battery usage on our android mobiles some apps are straining the phone’s juice like hell, and sometimes the user doesn’t know about it. But now, the upcoming Android 8.1 known as OREO update, users will be able to see which of the apps are using the most of the battery in a more impactful way than now.


Since the announcement in late August, Android Oreo has gotten pretty useful features, including Bluetooth battery levels, notification dots for app icons, an improved Check for Update button, and soon, a more significant battery usage mark for apps.


The new feature is a simplistic implementation of battery usage that’ll surely help users manage their apps more in a better way. It allows to force them to uninstall apps that continuously drain their phone’s juice altogether. Why has it only been added now, though? Couldn’t a similar feature has worked in, say, previous versions of Android? It’s difficult to understand Google sometimes. Bluetooth battery levels, quoted above, weren’t even added to Android until Oreo.


There’s room for improvement, though. This feature only lets users turn off certain parts of the app that causes battery drain on your mobile. But shortly maybe Android could also elaborte why these apps are creating such a vital strain on the battery, or possibly it can even show other methods to users that provide rapid battery consumption, such as having mobile data or Bluetooth on for extended periods.


It should be a great little feature for Android users once a regular version of 8.1 rolls out to everyone. Positively, it does get added to the final version, as Google has been known to add features in developer previews.


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