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Hiten Tejwani’s wife Gauri reacts to Arshi Khan’s flirtatious act; Hina Khan calling him spineless

Hiten Tejwani's wife Gauri finds Arshi Khan not just entertaining but also very childish.

Bigg Boss 11 competitor Hiten Tejwani has undoutedly earned a respectable name in the house. Consistently when Salman Khan comes to meet the housemates, he tends to him as the most sensible and develop competitor. Indeed, even in the wake of being ‘a man of his words’ and ‘fair peacemaker’ detainees have called him gutless and discretionary individual occasionally.

Over the most recent two months, we as a whole have seen co-competitor Arshi Khan attempting to get coquettish with him on many events. Once in a while for the sake of assignment she has requested back rubs, kisses just to draw near to him and as of late she even requesting that he remove his shirt. Not extremely self-assured, but rather Hiten has kept up an unmistakable position and requesting that her keep up remove from him.

Along these lines, when we connected with Hiten’s better half Gauri Pradhan Tejwani to know how she felt about the entire ‘tricky act’, she snickered and called her engaging as well as extremely infantile.

Other than Arshi, in the selective meeting with India Today Online, Gauri talked finally about Hiten’s approach and Hina Khan’s unmerited comments.

On Arshi endeavoring to get very close with Hiten:

Whatever she is doing is her arrangement to remain for long in the house. I don’t have anything against her, I like her. Also, to be straightforward her demonstrations are exceptionally clever and whimsical. I have an extraordinary chuckle as they are engaging. She is exceptionally youthful and Hiten is extremely sensible. We have been hitched for a long time, I don’t have any such weaknesses. He knows how to deal with such circumstances and is playing along extremely well. Individuals can state what they need, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

On Hina Khan calling Hiten yellow and Vikas’ dum (tail):

It doesn’t make a difference what other individual is stating till the time you recognize what you are doing is correct and is supportive of the house. I never agreed with her position or bolstered her, however I do give her an advantage of uncertainty that in such conditions and given circumstances you have a tendency to lose your cool and say things that you wouldn’t something else. You get baffled inside (the house) however that is precisely the time when you should know how to control yourself.

On Hiten’s technique and course of action:

We are so glad for the way he is behaving in the show. He is playing extremely well.. as a matter of fact he isn’t playing at all to be straightforward. He is only the same even, in actuality, to. He isn’t imagining at all and taking the path of least resistance. He should sit tight for me, as other challengers’ relative have made their visit, I’m certain he would expect me at this point. It’s been over two months I have seen him. We are for the most part missing him, kids are missing him to such an extent. They need dad to win the show and come.

Aside from Hiten, who else do you see as the victor?

Clearly I need him to win and no one else. Yet, other than him, on the off chance that I need to give a name then it will be Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta.

One individual you like in the house:

Out of the considerable number of individuals I like Shilpa Shinde. She appears to be bona fide to me. The way she is playing, the way she deals with individuals – it seems bona fide. What’s more, more in this way, she has regarded Hiten also in every one of these months.

Any extraordinary guidance for Hiten:

No, there is nothing I need to state to him, simply that play the way you are. Simply be cautious of who is your companion and who isn’t. Other than that he has been in industry for extremely long, he knows how to bargain and act in any given circumstance.


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