In term of smartphone security from 4-digit PIN and patterns to fingerprint scanners and facial recognition, the security system improved far long, and when Apple launched the iPhone X’s Face ID, the innovation was considered to be the future of smartphone security.


Apple challenged that there’s a one in one million chance that a random person’s face would cheat Face ID and unlock the iPhone X. But we are frequently seeing videos and reports that submit that the high-level security feature can be hacked or duped by not just twin but by a stranger who looks slightly comparable to you.


Researchers at a security firm known as the Bkav claim to have “thwarted” Face ID by using a specially-designed mask. The team did not aim for a life-like mask but built its mask with the aim of fooling the Face ID’s depth-mapping technology.

Face ID mask                                           Source: Bkav Corp

The mask is composed using a 3D printer and uses hand-crafted “skin”.

The team has made a face or somewhat the frame using 3D printing technology and hand-crafted “skin” which includes the areas encompassing the eyes and mouth. The eyes are 2D images while the nose is made out of silicone.

Source: Bkav Corp


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