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Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Maara? Here’s How Rajamouli Kept This Secret Even From His Crew

Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Maara?
Katappa Ne Baahubali Ko Kyu Maara?

For the whole day and age between the arrival of Baahubali and Baahubali 2, nothing truly could beat the power of this inquiry. Individuals kept the speculating diversion on and sat tight for very nearly 2 years to discover the appropriate response.

Then, media and columnists attempted their best to test everybody among the cast and chief SS Rajamouli himself for the appropriate response. The appropriate response was however protected effectively and no one provided some insight into it.

Since Baahubali 2 has risen a noteworthy Blockbuster and no other movie this year could beat its record, chief SS Rajamouli was asked – “What number of individuals knew the response to that inquiry ‘Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara?’ and “would it say it was difficult to keep that mystery?”

Noting the inquiry, he said-

“When we discuss why Katappa executed Baahubali, it isn’t such a troublesome inquiry to reply. On the off chance that you simply take a gander at the film twice and put a tad psyche to it, the appropriate response is apparent. Notwithstanding when individuals were tweeting to me, there were many individuals who hit the nail on the head.”

He includes

“However, the genuine inquiry isn’t the reason Katappa slaughtered Baahubali, what they mean by that is the manner by which Katappa executed Baahubali, you realize that is the thing that individuals are really inquiring. How might he do it? Furthermore, that answer isn’t anything but difficult to figure.”

Rajamouli at that point uncovered how he figured out how to keep it mystery

“Not very many individuals, possibly around 10-15 individuals would have known the whole story. Yet, what occurs with your unit is that you’re shooting for such quite a while, you’re shooting for around two years and we were not shooting in a sequential request — it was one scene here one shot there. Furthermore, again when we are shooting, we are shooting such a significant number of layers for each shot and the unit individuals don’t generally realize what we are really taping. It is unimaginable for them to associate every one of the spots. It’s anything but difficult to keep them confounded and it’s not tenaciously done, that is the example how it’s finished. That is the motivation behind why none of whatever is left of the unit individuals really knew the appropriate response.”

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