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Remember The Girl Who Underwent 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie? Here’s The Truth Behind It

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Viral News

The internet can demonstrate you numerous things which your psyche and heart decline to acknowledge as genuine however the way in which they are introduced before you are good to the point that at last, you trust it to be genuine.

Barely any days prior, the Internet was getting insane over a young lady who asserted to have experienced 50 plastic surgeries, just to satisfy her energy of looking like Hollywood on-screen character Angelina Jolie.

Truly, you got it right! We are discussing Sahar Tabar, an adolescent from Iran.

At the point when her photographs became famous online via web-based networking media systems, she was known as a “zombie” or “body lady of the hour” however you will be stunned to realize that the entire scene was a lie and she doesn’t look like what we found in the photos.

Sahar has now turned out to clarify that it was all photoshop and now some of her genuine photographs are likewise doing rounds on the web and online networking locales.

Sahar said this in an interview with Sputnik,

“It is Photoshop and cosmetics. Each time I distribute a photograph I make my face more fun. It is my method for self-articulation, a sort of workmanship. My devotees realize this isn’t my genuine face.”

To the extent bits of gossip are concerned, she stated,

“I didn’t consider resembling Jolie. Likewise, I would not like to look like the toon character Corpse Bride. Presently I comprehend that I have a comment with them, however, I am a dream myself and recollecting that somebody isn’t an end in itself.”

She took depend on surgery for changing her nose’s shape and developing lips by experiencing liposuction; she likewise shed kilos however not as much as it was said to be. In her words,

“I shed pounds, that is valid. Be that as it may, I didn’t drop 40 or 30 kilograms, however around five or seven. Presently my weight is 54 kilograms.”

Discussing netizens’ response, she expressed,

“For me, the most vital thing in life is the endorsement of my family and God. This endorsement is, stop for me.”

All things considered, it’s great to realize that she is ordinary simply like us and actually, a pretty young lady.


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